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Seminars -- A Quick Look
Seminars -- 2013 Schedule

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  • Tweezers (4") is not available now, please check back later.

  • Treatment Adhesive Tape Board is now available.

Testimonial for Auricular Therapy Seminars

Feedbacks from Attendees

  • I would appreciate being contacted for next class #9 when class is available. Thank you.     - Diane M
  • I'm very satisfied and I learned a great deal.     - Michael D
  • I wish I had known about auricular medicine years ago.     - Justin S
  • What a great piece of information!     - Betty S
  • What a great weekend of learning! Dr Huang was very generous with his wide expanse of knowledge.     - Susan K
  • I would enjoy more discussion of more case studies.     - Timothy C
  • It's unfortunate that we have to wait so long between seminars. Great jobs!
  • I will continue to get certified -- great compliment to chiropractic.     - Thomas W
  • Good teaching and very clear.     - Carmen L
  • Very grateful; see you in Oct.     - Marlene L
  • Enjoyed being tested for point locations. Would love to be tested more for next class on point location, use of probe & application of ear seeds to ensure accuracy.     - Will V
  • Excellent seminar, good presentation; the material is "brought to life".     - Ron B
  • The class was wonderful. Lots of new things. Hospitality was great.     - Susan W
  • Would like to have professional diagnosis & treatment prior to the very end of the seminar day.     - Carolyn M
  • Please limit first time people questions till after sessions or towards the end of day when he's usually answered them.     - Marie F
  • I very much appreciate the opportunity to learn this information. Thank you very much.     - Theresa E
  • Excellent demonstration & teaching. I have learned a lot in this seminar. I love it.
  • I learned more. Each workshop adds to my knowledge.     - Cheri B
  • The demonstration & actual working on people is most helpful.
  • I plan to take all 8 seminars.     - Gena T
  • This has been the most informative course.     - Carolyn E
  • Was highly informative.     - Mark H
  • Dr Lichun Huang & Dr William Huang continue to amaze and inspire me.     - Jennifer S
  • Thank you. See you in June.     - Carsuelo L
  • I learn so much at every class. You both present the information in an easy way to learn.

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