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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Auricular Medicine?
A: Auricular Medicine is a medical system with unique diagnosis and treatment methods. Unlike any other medicines, Auricular Medicine diagnoses and treats the diseases through the ear.

2. What are the advantages of the Auricular Medicine?
A: Auricular Medicine has many advantages over the other medicines because of its unique methods in diagnosis and treatment:
- Natural: Auricular Medicine requires no medical in diagnosing and treating diseases.
Painless: Although Auricular Medicine shares many common characters with the traditional Acupuncture, it is a painless process, due to the nature that Auricular Treatment doesn't penetrate the skin.
Simple: With Auricular Medicine, diagnosis and treatment are much easier and cheaper. Auricular Diagnosis offers a very simple diagnosis method by checking the shape and color changes and electrical signal variations. Auricular Treatment, on the other side, treats the patients simply with seed and massage.
- Low Cost
: Because Auricular Medicine requires no prescription and no complex equipment, it is a much cheaper methods compared to other medicines.
Effective: Though Auricular Medicine is simple, yet it has been proved to be very effective in both diagnosis and treatment. Click here to check out the effectiveness of Auricular Treatment.


3. What is Auricular Diagnosis?
A: Auricular Diagnosis is the summary of the diagnosis methods of Auricular Medicine. The Unique feature of Auricular Diagnosis is that the health conditions of the patient can be simply checked through the ear. By checking the color, shape, and electrical signal changes at certain acupoints, the medical practitioner can draw the conclusion whether there are any health problems there, or even the potential of some physical changes

4. What is Auricular Treatment?
A: Auricular Treatment is a method which treats the disease(s) through corresponding acupoint(s). Auricular Treatment is a simple, painless, yet efficient method. The most commonly used Auricular Treatment methods are Auricular Seed Methods, Auricular Massage, and Auricular Bleeding methods.

5. What is an acupoint?
A: An acupoint is a specific point on the ear which has special value in diagnosis and/or treatment. Most acupoints are corresponding to a specific part of the body, such as organs & joints, while some points are specific to certain disease(s).

6. Why ear can be used to diagnose and treat disease?
A: There are different theories behind these. Based on the TCM, ear is believed to have a close relationship with the twelve channels and collaterals, and is the place where the meridians pass through, end and intersect with each ear. Treating the ear can stimulate the channels and collaterals, which results in improving the health condition. P. Nopgier proposed the theory of "reversed embryo." With this theory, it is very easy to understand why it is so efficient to treat the diseases of the whole body by simply stimulating the specific points on the ear.

7. How long has the auricle been applied to treat diseases?
A: Based on the records of the ancient Chinese medical books, auricle has been used to treat diseases in China for about 2000 years.

8. What is Auricular Seed Therapy?
A: This is a treatment methods that refers to applying a hard, smooth seed, herb, a pill or drug, or a magnetic pellet on tape, to a selected auricular point, and pressing it properly, to stimulate the point, to treat various diseases. Auricular Seed Therapy is safe and painless method. The patient can even constantly stimulate him/herself by pressing the seeds attached to the acupoints. This method is very suitable for children, or those others who are afraid of pain, or who can not receive treatment everyday. Through clinical practice records, it has been confirmed that Auricular Seed Therapy is more acceptable by the patients, yet can achieve satisfactory therapeutic effects.

9. What is Auricular Massage Therapy?
A: Auricular Massage Therapy is an easy and simple external method by pressing, rubbing, kneading, twisting, pinching, digital pressing, and fingernail pressing the ear. By massaging the ear correctly, one can help treat and prevent diseases.

10. What is Auricular Bleeding Therapy?
A: Auricular Bleeding Therapy is a method of treating disease by puncturing selected auricular point(s) with an auricular filliform needle, intradermal needle, etc. Because this method is very effective in treating high fever, headache, dizziness and vertigo etc, it is adopted as one of the three main treatment methods in Auricular Medicine. Auricular Bleeding Therapy is extremely efficient in dredging the channels, promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis, tranquilizing the mind, clearing away heat, and relieving inflammation and pain.

11. How many diseases can Auricular Medicine diagnose and treat?
A: Auricular Medicine can be used to diagnose about 200 different diseases, including internal, gynaecological, and surgical diseases. It can also be used to improve good-looking and antiaging. Auricular Medicine is excellent in relieving pain, vertigo and dizziness, and clearing mind.


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